About Us

350Vermont organizes, educates, and supports people in Vermont to work together for climate justice – resisting fossil fuels, building momentum for alternatives, and transforming our communities toward justice and resilience.


Why the name 350VT?

The number 350 is one of the most important numbers in the world.  According to leading scientists, 350 parts per million is the safe upper limit of carbon in the atmosphere. We’re currently beyond that, at 392 parts per million and climbing.  We believe that a unified global movement that creates systematic environmental change from the bottom up is the only way to solve this climate crisis.


What’s the difference between 350VT and 350.org?

350VT is an independent, non-profit organization based in Burlington, VT. We are an affiliate of 350.org and aligned in mission and in many of our campaigns. 350VT’s  focus is on local issues, whether that’s state policy, our local pipeline projects, or just the day-to-day grassroots organizing. 350.org does the fireworks, building the climate movement nationally and internationally. 350VT-ers are banging the pots and carrying banners in your local streets!

How did 350VT get started?

On October 10, 2010, over 100 community organizers in Vermont staged separate Days of Action as part of 350’s Global Work Party. Following this event, a group of the 10/10/10 organizers realized that Vermont could be a global leader in the climate action movement. They channeled the statewide enthusiasm into forming 350VT in 2011, with the mission of catalyzing the cultural and systemic transformation needed to reverse climate change and return to 350 ppm.

Why do we do what we do?

Through rallies, advocacy, trainings, workshops, and social media we are calling on people around the world to come together and fight for climate justice.  Climate change affects everyone, and everyone has the right to an ecologically sound environment.  Because marginalized groups are disproportionately affected by climate change, it is as important as ever to work in solidarity with communities most directly affected.  In recognizing the inequalities of the climate crisis rooted in race and class, we aim to unify our movement both in our own backyards and globally.  The threat of climate change is real and only getting worse.  As weather becomes more extreme year to year, it is only becoming more apparent that we need to not only change the way we live our daily lives, but also change the way we think about each other and the world.


What are we working on?

Our Campaigns:
Tar Sands Free Vermont. 350VT is raising awareness about a proposed tar sands pipeline project in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The 60+-year-old Portland-Montreal pipeline currently carries crude oil inland from Portland, but the PMPL company would “welcome the opportunity” to send tars sands crude from Montreal to Portland. Because of 350VT’s education of local residents in Vermont, residents in 29 towns passed resolutions to keep VT Tar Sands Free.

Divest VT. 350VT’s works on both the university level and the state level to encourage the removal of funds from the fossil fuel industry. We support students with trainings, mentorship, and research findings. We have launched a grassroots informational campaign to educate Vermonters about divesting VT’s retirement funds from fossil fuel corporations.

Climate Cabaret.350VT has presented two arts events entitled, “Unraveling and Turning: A Climate Change Cabaret.” We engage visual and performing artists to contribute to the Climate Cabaret. Their unique voice and perspective on the climate change crisis is heard (or seen!). Climate Cabaret will make-like-a-nomad in coming years and take place in various Vermont towns.

Transportation for Livable Communities. Through community organizing, education and advocacy we are promoting a transportation system that encourages low carbon transit, like walking and biking. 350VT maintains a online transportation group, and we participate in the National Bike Challenge.

Green Mountain Brigade. This is our solidarity work to help educate Vermonters about climate disruption and environmental degradation due to fossil fuel extraction in other locations. We help get Vermonters to national climate actions in Washington DC, to coal extraction sites in Virginia, to speaking events in Portland, ME, and many more, by coordinating transportation and publicizing events.