Why Break Free?

albany oil trains

Break Free: Stop the Bomb Trains On May 14, people from across the Northeast will stand in the way of the fossil fuel industry in one of the largest actions in a coordinated, global wave of escalation. In Albany, NY, local groups have been fighting oil trains—which bring explosive fracked oil from the Bakken shale […]

Please Help Young Climate Activist “Rally for the Planet”

youth lobby

Over the past few months, students and teachers from over a dozen Vermont high schools and colleges have given up their Sunday afternoons to plan a major day of action to promote greater political action on climate change. They are calling this event the Youth Rally for the Planet, and hundreds of students have already signed up to […]

Break Free Albany: Stop the Bomb Trains

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Break Free Albany is a mass action for climate justice on May 14th where thousands of people will stand up against the fossil fuel industry in North America. Break Free Albany represents a coalition of communities and organizations gathering for a mass civil disobedience act against oil trains, gas pipelines, and other fossil fuel projects. It […]

No New Leases/Surround the Superdome


New Orleans, LA | March 23, 2016 | K.C. Whiteley reporting As part of the national Keep it in the Ground campaign, the “No New Leases” action on March 23rd at the New Orleans Superdome represented an historic moment in the environmental movement here on the Gulf coast. Hundreds of protesters from Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, […]

Seizing our property, for what good?

cuneo meme

The following blog post is by Terence Cuneo, UVM professor, father, and resident of Williston, VT, who faces eminent domain. Terence and his family aren’t giving in. Please consider helping them in their legal battle with a donation.   It’s a big deal when the state decides to seize a family’s land. Yet, given its […]

Teetering on Destruction


As part of an interdisciplinary, independent study project in both the media arts and environmental studies, Ross Henry, a junior at St. Michael’s College, is telling the story of climate change’s devastating effects on both the landscape and the culture of Alaska. Throughout the month of March, Ross is on the front lines of climate change: […]

Climate Organizer Leadership Training

Over the weekend of February 6-7th, 350Vermont hosted a Climate Organizer Leadership Training in Starksboro, Vermont. The training brought together a large group of people of all ages, interests, and hometowns. But the one thing that everybody had in common was that they all wanted to become better organizers in the climate movement. The training […]

Student Speak Out about the World They Will Inherit

Students from teh Burlington Sustainability Academy Sushila, Sarah, and Barsha reading a poem they wrote together at Wednesday's youth Speak Out

Last Wednesday, 350Vermont facilitated a youth speak out at ArtsRiot in Burlington. It was an inspiring event, with youth varying in ages sharing their thoughts on the world and its struggles they will eventually inherent. Below is a sample of the power words heard that night, by a student named Ethan Ireland, entitled Greed.  Greed is a very […]

Climate Technofix: Weaving Carbon into Gold and Other Myths of “negative emissions”


By Rachel Smolker, PhD When the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) published their most recent fifth assessment report, something surprising and deeply disturbing was lurking in the small print in chapter three on “mitigation”. The IPCC revealed that to achieve even a recognizably normal future climate the models they reviewed relied on not only […]