Student Speak Out about the World They Will Inherit

Students from teh Burlington Sustainability Academy Sushila, Sarah, and Barsha reading a poem they wrote together at Wednesday's youth Speak Out

Last Wednesday, 350Vermont facilitated a youth speak out at ArtsRiot in Burlington. It was an inspiring event, with youth varying in ages sharing their thoughts on the world and its struggles they will eventually inherent. Below is a sample of the power words heard that night, by a student named Ethan Ireland, entitled Greed.  Greed is a very […]

Climate Technofix: Weaving Carbon into Gold and Other Myths of “negative emissions”


By Rachel Smolker, PhD When the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) published their most recent fifth assessment report, something surprising and deeply disturbing was lurking in the small print in chapter three on “mitigation”. The IPCC revealed that to achieve even a recognizably normal future climate the models they reviewed relied on not only […]

Vermont : Explain Yourself

A photo in front of the Unitarian Universalist church in Burlington

By Gideon Commey I  entered Reagan National Airport like a cow in a china shop, guileless. The airport is small but so choked with travellers that I was literally dehydrated after the long check-in which was a mission indeed. But as soon as the aircraft kissed the tarmac, dancing on the Burlington runway, I was […]

Stop the Oil Trains!

Stop Oil Trains Week of Action, Burlington, VT 7-6-15 and Ticonderoga, NY 7-7-15 Blog post, photos and video (link at bottom of post) by Arthur Hynes  On July 6, the 2nd anniversary of the Lac Mégantic Disaster, a group from of us from 350VT gathered to commemorate the tragic event in which 47 people lost […]

Summer of Solidarity Week of Action


by Taylor Cook and Sarah Vukelich Many roadblocks on the path to justice share the same underlying systemic causes. A just future is a future free from racism, sexism, classism, environmental destruction, patriarchy, white supremacy, transphobia, ableism, heterosexism, and all other forms of oppression. Acknowledging the need for collaboration to address these systems and the […]

In the belly of the beast…

On Wednesday, May 27 in Dallas, Treasurer Beth Pearce spoke in support of a shareholder proposal at ExxonMobil’s annual shareholder meeting that called for the fossil fuel giant to limit its greenhouse gas emissions. During the meeting, ExxonMobil’s CEO Rex Tillerman mocked renewable energy and minimized the effects that climate change is already having on […]

Bring Your Green Message to Boston…By Bicycle!


You’re invited to join us on one of the Climate Rides! 350 Vermont is now a beneficiary and you can join one of these incredible bicycle rides or hikes to explore beautiful landscapes and have the time of your life, while supporting our work.   Right now, we’re recruiting members for our new Team 350VT Climate […]

Personal divestment an important action against climate change


Deborah Messing is a longtime volunteer with 350 Vermont, and was an integral part of the organizing team for the Personal Divestment Seminar. She believes in the financial and political power of Elder Vermonters, and is committed to organizing her community to stand up to fossil fuel companies by publicly divesting. I’m heartened that so […]