Each of us has had different experiences with power and authority in our lives and each of us comes to the decision of how and when to take direct action from a unique set of perspectives. This workshop will provide the 350VT community with a rare opportunity to dig into some of the associations, questions, fears, and hopes we each carry to the work of civil disobedience. Together, we’ll unpack some of our assumptions and past experiences and think together about how we want to approach nonviolent resistance as a community in the upcoming year.

Please Note: This is not your typical NVDA training. This workshop will be highly participatory and experiential.


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Workshop Trainers

Linda Capato
Linda Capato Jr is a trainer, campaigner, and actions coordinator for various environment and social justice causes. Mostly recently they worked with 350.org campaigning against fracking in California. Linda’s work spans over a decade supporting various causes from LGBTQIA rights to reproductive rights to environmental justice.


Sam Corbin
Samantha is the Action and Trainings Director for Other 98%. She is also a lead trainer with The Ruckus Society, a founding member of the New York Action Network, cofounder of Occupy Sandy, and cofounder of Movement Net Lab. She has delivered countless trainings in creative nonviolence, affinity group organizing, strategic planning, scouting and high-tech action. Sam is based in New York City.


**If you are interested in learning more about teaching and training about NVDA and would be interested in joining a “talk back” with Linda after this workshop, please contact Jay at oharjo@gmail.com.**