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Protect Geprags Action (Credit Jim Mendell)

My name is Julie Elfin, and I’m an intern with 350VT. I study the environment and public communications at the University of Vermont (UVM). I’m interested in creative communication around big issues like climate change, and in the power of compelling stories to change hearts and minds. I’ve been involved with the climate movement for […]


New Path Towards a Low-Carbon Future for the Vermont Pension Fund


On Thursday, February 8th, 2017, Treasurer Beth Pearce released a letter that details the combined findings of the Vermont Pension Investment Committee (VPIC) sub-committee on divestment so far and changes to make in the next few months. The recommendations in the letter are reflective of months of learning about the rapidly changing world of fossil […]




by Svenja Telleh This article originally appeared on January 1st in Intercontinental Cry – a publication of the Center for World Indigenous Studies  Dear Mr. Trudeau,   This is a love letter to Mother Earth, to the keepers of the fire, and to the next seven generations, yet to join us on this beautiful planet. My […]


Loving the America that Elected Donald Trump

A Donald Trump presidency with a Republican-controlled House and Senate. We were told it couldn’t happen. We were sure it wouldn’t end like this. And when we were wrong, I watched my friends, many of them first-time voters in a presidential election, fall apart. So many people are hopeless and angry this morning. So many […]


Standing With the Water Protectors


In September 2016 Arthur Hynes spent six days on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in Cannonball, North Dakota. He stayed at the Sacred Stone Camp, which is one of the smaller camps and the one where the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline began last April. The camps are all sacred and don’t allow any alcohol, drugs or weapons. No […]


Visit to New Community Project (Starksboro, VT)

Hey guess what? I received some cool products from the farm!

Introduction Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history. Experts see the trend is accelerating and have called for urgent actions to curb irreversible pending damage. One place to learn and acquire practical action skills to combat climate change and promote sustainable living is the […]


Green Hills, Silver Waters


“These green hills and silver waters, are my home, they belong to me, and to all the sons and daughters, may they be strong, and forever free.” My eldest son sang the Vermont state song in his 3rd grade chorus this spring. The other day as we talked about the impacts of the fracked gas […]


The Yin and Yang of Lyme Disease and Climate Change

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By Brendan Kelly Our usual Western view of the world teaches us separation. Medically, we’re taught to believe that each organ is separate from the others and that the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our lives are distinct. We’re also encouraged to see ourselves as separate from the people and the world around us. […]


Update From Ghana


It has been 4 months since I left Vermont to Ghana after completing my 4 months Community Solutions Program (CSP) Fellowship with 350Vermont in December 2015. Considering it is the same length of time I spent in Burlington brings to heart memories etched on my mind. Not only did my time with 350VT shaped my […]


Your Investment Matters – Personal Divestment Workshop


“Whenever we spend a dollar, we are saying ‘yes’ to something.” Those wise words have stuck with me and haunt some people every time they make a purchase of something they’d rather not be affirming. You probably try to buy local food, buy clothes and furniture second-hand, and maybe even buy solar power (or at least buy […]