So, what is 350 all about?

350ppm is what leading scientists say is the safe upper limit of CO2 parts per million in the atmosphere. We’re at 392 and climbing, which is why we’re seeing more and more extreme weather events around the planet. In the Green Mountain State, we’re uniting a mass movement for bold solutions that both lift up Vermonters and cut down carbon — to be a national and global example for solving the climate crisis.

Vermont Goals:  

  • 100% Renewable Energy for ALL Vermonters
  • Energy Efficient Homes and Buildings for ALL Vermonters
  • Local, Healthy Food for ALL Vermonters
  • Green Transport for ALL Vermonters
  • Community Forests for ALL Vermonters
  • Green Jobs for ALL Vermonters

What guides our work:

We believe that everyone has a right to a secure, healthy and ecologically sound environment. Yet, our world is presently facing an economic, ecological, and social crisis of proportions never before seen in human history. The survival of life as we know it is at imminent risk from global climate change. The times demand that we build broad and unified social movements that are strong enough to confront and overcome the systems which have created this crisis, while assuring that this human right is reflected in policy and on the ground at the state and local level.

This perspective, known as Climate Justice, means acting in solidarity with the communities most immediately affected by the climate crisis, working for a just transition to a renewable society, and challenging inequalities rooted in race, class and gender dynamics, both internationally and in our own communities.

A little background:

With the recent success of the amazing  Moving Planet event,  it’s clear how much has changed since these events began in 2006, with Bill McKibben leading a five-day walk from Ripton to Burlington, Vermont to call for action on global warming. Last October, over 100 community organizers staged separate Days of Action as part of 350’s Global Work Party on 10/10/10. Following this event, local 350 supporters across the state began organizing with the idea of transforming the annual campaign into an ongoing strategic effort to make Vermont a global leader in the climate action movement.

Organizing meetings continued into 2011, and a statewide 350-Vermont Organizer Road Trip checked in with eager regional groups. In February, we co-sponsored the Climate Action Now day of action at the Vermont State House, and the Climate Action Now social networking site was launched to keep the conversation flowing. Spring events culminated in a series of roving 350-Vermont Pot Lucks around our state, and the steady buildup of a powerhouse statewide group that’s begun planning for a vigorous grassroots campaign, including this year’s Moving Planet events.

Behind the scenes, steady meetings continued throughout the year to clarify the scope and direction of a 350-Vermont campaign. Recently, an ad hoc workgroup has been established to build the infrastructure needed to guide and support a host of projects, campaigns and programs that 350-Vermont is in various stages of initiating and supporting.

Coming full circle, it’s easy to see that the seeds planted by many dedicated 350 supporters over the years have now robustly sprouted and that Vermonters now have an opportunity to help build one of’s first statewide campaigns, aimed at making Vermont the global climate action leader we all want to see.