There has been a global call-to-action by the youth for more action on climate following the Climate Strikes in September. In response, 350VT is hosting three days of resilience and resistance!


Precautionary Note: Please #StayHome as much as possible!


In these uncertain times, please remember to be gentle with one another. There is never a time for xenophobia; there is ALWAYS a time for mutual aid! Check in on your more vulnerable friends and neighbors.

350VT’s staff collective and allies are working on reshaping these events– stay tuned, and thank you for your patience. We love y’all.

4/22 EARTH DAY: 50th Anniversary

We’re celebrating 50 years of Earth Day! Join us for:

Celebrate the Earth

Virtually join millions of people worldwide to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day as part of the Earth Day Strikes. We’re asking climate activists around Vermont to send us a video or a photo with a caption, telling us about the places you love and what it will take to protect them!  Please email video or photos to before April 21!

Radical Forest Management

Forests in Vermont frame and enrich our lives, making our state a beautiful place to live while also providing many critical services: cleaning our air and water, providing habitat for wildlife, sequestering and storing carbon and much more. In a changing climate, forests are both an asset – helping slow and mitigate the effects of climate change by absorbing the carbon we emit – and under threat. At the same time, climate change, resource extraction and environmental degradation threatens peoples and environments worldwide. While some of these problems may seem remote, is it possible that Vermont’s forests have a broader role to play in crafting a just and sustainable world?

This presentation will focus on the role that forests and forest management play in our past, present and future with an eye on social and environmental justice in Vermont and across the globe. Tapper will discuss how responsible, ecological forest management can help forests mitigate the effects of climate change while being resilient and adaptable to the stressors posed by a changing climate.


BURLINGTON: Earth Day Action!

MORE DETAILS COMING SOON. Find the organizing meeting page HERE.

4/23 STORYTELLING: Tales of Fossil Fuel Resistance

We’re telling Vermont Gas: “Your pipeline goes here and no further!”

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As part of our Earth Week Actions, join us for an evening of stories around the digital fire, straight from the people who have lived them. No bias, no spin, just resilience and love! It’s our movement’s testament to the resistance we’ve created!

We will uplift the voices of people who have been on the frontlines of:

  • Vermont Gas’ pipeline (Still under investigation, still stuck in Middlebury!)
  • Stories from Standing Rock and indigenous voices from here on unceded Abenaki land
  • Middlebury’s wildly successful Divest campaign
  • #NoCoalNoGas, a regional campaign to shut down the Merrimack Generating Station, which is the last coal-fired facility in our region without a shutdown date
  • And MORE! Have a short story, song, or other project to share? Let us know!

CONTACT: Julie at

4/24: More Actions on the Way!

Our Brattleboro and Burlington Nodes are cooking up something special for the 22nd and 24th. Want to get involved? Join an organizing meeting online!

  • 350 Brattleboro Local Group Meeting, Wednesday, April 1st, 6 – 8 pm. Join via Zoom. Despite restrictions about in-person gatherings, we want to honor the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Help us plan what this looks like in terms of making (art/stories), being (reconnecting with place, meditation), and gathering (online discussion/training).
  • 350 Burlington Action Night, Tuesday, April 7th, 6 – 8 pm. Join via Zoom to plan more Earth Week +50 actions and get involved in local organizing! Contact to RSVP.

MUTUAL AID: The movement we’ve been building must come “together” like never before. Our commitment to a livable future also means a commitment to each other; so many are engaging in incredible networks of mutual aid and solidarity! Please do what you can!