Energy Independent Vermont


Along with dozens of other organizations and groups, 350Vermont is a member of the Energy Independent Vermont (EIV) coalition. Led by VPIRG, together, we are advocating to put a price on carbon pollution here in Vermont. We want a policy that reduces the emissions contributing to climate change, while also realizing economic justice for all people in Vermont.

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The ESSEX Plan

The latest proposal for carbon pricing in Vermont is called the ESSEX plan. ESSEX = An Economy Strengthening Strategic Energy Exchange. ESSEX was first unveiled in November 2017 at the Vermont Energy and Climate Summit. A bill (S.284) has been introduced in the Vermont Senate, and a similar house bill is expected by late January. In a nutshell, the ESSEX plan would kick back the revenue generated from a fossil fuel tax to residents, businesses, and institutions via deep reductions in electricity rates.