OFF Fossil Fuels: Pursuing a Statewide Ban on New Infrastructure!

Opportunities to get involved below!

350Vermont, Toxics Action Center, UVAG, and VPIRG have joined together, with the help of climate-conscious allies in the State House, to put a ban on all new fossil fuel infrastructure in Vermont! Last session, Rep. Mary Sullivan introduced a bill (known then as H.746– SUMMARY HERE) that called for this ban, which for the maintenance of existing infrastructure. Since it was late in the session, the bill did not pass– but she will reintroduce it in 2019. Since then, 350VT and UVAG have been working together to ask our representatives to co-sign the bill, many have so far, in addition to 800+ people signing UVAG’s citizen petition! Meanwhile, VPIRG has been making sure that politicians in our state refuse to take fossil fuel money for their campaigns.

You can read our coalition’s shared platform statement HERE!

Join our Citizen Advocates team! We’re looking for allies from as many districts across Vermont as we can to build a coalition directly with their representatives. For more info, CLICK HERE. Questions? Email Julie at