“These green hills and silver waters, are my home, they belong to me,

and to all the sons and daughters, may they be strong, and forever free.”

My eldest son sang the Vermont state song in his 3rd grade chorus this spring. The other day as we talked about the impacts of the fracked gas pipeline on Geprags Park and the yellow-winged warbler habitat, he came up with a new version: “these black hills and polluted waters are my home, they belong to Vermont Gas.” He laughed with a 9 year old’s take on dark humor. My son is privileged to live in a community where the hills are intact, not annihilated by mountaintop removal, and waters are drinkable and swimmable, unlike many places on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction.


Source: Energy Justice Network

Mother Up! invites you and your family to join us on an important trip this summer to bear witness to the impacts of fracking. We will travel to Dimock, PA, the epicenter of fracking in the Marcellus Shale, and the town prominently featured in the films Gasland and Gasland 2. Energy Justice Network will be our host, as we meet with families and individuals who face polluted waters and seized land.

Our four-day trip (August 11 – 14, 2016) will be an opportunity to see the effects of fracking first hand, to build friendships and solidarity with families on the frontlines, and to have our children experience both nature’s beauty and the suffering caused by extreme extraction of fossil fuels and extreme greed. As Joanna Macy implores us, we will look straight at the tough stuff, so that we are awakened to our own most creative selves, to respond to the climate crisis in a deeply meaningful and committed way.

Here are some logistical details for the trip:

-This is a family-friendly, family-oriented, family-paced trip! Dimock, PA is approximately a 6-hour drive. We will take a full day for travel to and from PA. We will plan an extended rest stop about midway.

-We will travel by 12-person van(s), leaving from Burlington, VT.  (Experienced drivers needed!)

-In Pennsylvania, we will camp at Salt Springs Park for three nights. Simple meals will be provided by Energy Justice Network.

-This is co-operative group trip with an expectation that all participants share responsibilities and leadership. We need song leaders, naturalists, writers, child whisperers, drivers, etc.

-A financial contribution is requested on a sliding-scale basis. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. We ask that everyone participate in a mini-crowdfunding campaign to support our exchange.

-We ask that every family brings an intention to share their experience with their friends, family, and community. The means for that sharing will vary, but might include a photo essay, documenting the trip on social media, a blog or written narrative, or a presentation to a community group or school. Stories from the trip will be shared with other families in the Mother Up! network.

Have questions? Please contact maeve@350vt.org

Please register HERE.


Photo credit: Sam Rubright, NRDC