Are you ready to learn valuable skills at an organization committed to climate action? Are you searching for an opportunity to learn and grow with a community of grassroots activists and organizers? If so, consider an internship with 350Vermont!


A 350VT internship is a way to take your climate justice learning and action, and your leadership development, to the next level! All of our internships offer opportunities to learn about different aspects of grassroots organizing and working for climate justice.

In each position, we are looking for someone with a commitment to and passion for the 350Vermont mission of building a local movement to stop the climate crisis. We seek self-starters with the passion, creativity, and drive to make things happen while working independently and in close coordination with a team. We try to match our internships with the skills and experience you bring to our work. Read more about our Fall, Spring, and Summer internships below!

If you are new to 350Vermont, read more about our mission and history here.

Fall Internships

Organizing Intern

The Organizing intern will contribute to 350VT’s core organizing work through our Just Transition campaign. We are working toward a future powered by community-owned renewable energy, matched by massive weatherization and affordable collective transportation solutions, ecosystem protection, and regenerative agricultural practices that will keep and put carbon back in the ground. A “just transition” means creating a regenerative economy that rebalances power relationships and eliminates extractive ones. This internship will support 350VT’s work across the state, and help with a variety of workshops and other events. The Organizing intern is integral to the process of organizing events, coordinating volunteers, and supporting all the elements that go into running a campaign. They may help with other needs that arise such as tabling, social media, or administrative tasks.

This position is unpaid, but we strongly encourage applicants to seek out academic credit and outside funding. This position will be 8-15 hours a week, depending on the applicant’s availability, needs for getting credit, etc. The Organizing intern would ideally start the week of September 6th 2021.

To apply for the Fall 2021 Organizing Internship, fill out this form. The application deadline is rolling, but we urge applicants to apply as soon as possible. The latest time to apply is Monday, August 2nd at 9am.


Fundraising and Communications Intern

Fundraising and communications are the backbone of any non-profit organization. The Fundraising & Communications intern will work with 350VT’s Fundraising team to ensure 350VT continues to grow. This person will learn valuable fundraising and communication skills, and gain exposure to the inner workings of a grassroots activist group.

Job Responsibilities

  • Support 350VT’s fundraising initiatives

  • Maintain 350VT’s donor database (NationBuilder)

  • Conduct outreach to 350VT’s network of supporters via phone, email and social media

  • Support other modes of communication with 350VT network including drafting and/or editing e-newsletters and website blog posts

Desired Qualifications

  • Detail-oriented & organized

  • Strong database skills, like excel and/or web-based platforms

  • Strong communication and social media skills

  • Strong ability to collaborate and build relationships

  • Some knowledge of climate justice issues

  • Experience or strong interest in fundraising and community outreach

This position is ideal at around 5-6 hours per week. The Fundraising & Communications Internship would ideally start the week of September 6th 2021. Priority is given to work study students who attend the University of Vermont, but if this doesn’t apply to you, please reach out and email us at There is a rolling application process, but we strongly encourage UVM work study students to apply through JobX as soon as possible. Hard application deadline of Monday, August 2nd at 9am.



If you have any questions, email Maeve at

Diverse perspectives and experience enhance the way 350Vermont selects and approaches issues, as well as the creativity and effectiveness of our campaigns. 350Vermont strongly encourages applications from women, LGBTQIA+ people, people of color, indigenous people, disabled people, and other underrepresented communities.

Summer Fellowships

Check back in next year for information about our summer fellowships!


“When I first came to UVM, I had very little interest in or knowledge of the environment or climate change, but attending a book talk and panel hosted by 350Vermont my freshman year completely changed that. I heard stories from several activists about why they care about the climate crisis, and how climate change impacts the most vulnerable among us. Immediately, climate change and the justice issues surrounding it seemed more pressing and immediate than any of my other interests. That night completely changed the direction of my life, and I know that I am not the only person that 350VT has impacted in this way.”
– Ashley Bolger, 2016-2018 350VT UVM Student Employee

“Working with the 350VT team over the summer was both a challenging and an eye-opening experience for me. Coming from a very structured business background where passion is often an afterthought, the environment working with the highly driven, dynamic, enthusiastic individuals at 350Vermont was a very different experience than what I was used to. The internship allowed me to meet and form connections not only with everybody I worked with every day, but with a network of strong personalities across the entire state.  My job position was dynamic, and allowed me to work on a variety of different tasks every day. Having this position helped me realize my greater purpose and position in the climate movement. Everybody has their own experiences, their own goals, and their own motivations that all come together to create diverse harmony in social and political movements, and that was my experience with 350Vermont. It helped me recognize and accept my individuality and feel empowered as a young woman starting out in my career.”
– Ally Behn, Summer 2017 Operations Intern

“My summer internship with 350 Vermont gave me the opportunity to build connections with organizers from across Vermont. It was a great chance to explore the “landscape” of climate justice in my beautiful home state, build relationships, and exercise my own creativity. I livestreamed an electric bike “parade” through Bennington, designed a dinner event about religion and colonialism to fundraise for indigenous pipeline resistance, and worked every day with a vibrant, passionate team of staff and interns who approached our work from so many different angles. 350 Vermont helped me invest in place and community – and practice skills that I can apply to social and climate justice work in many other contexts.”
– Abby Rampone, Summer 2017 Media Intern