Members of the Burlington Node after a meeting in January!

Members of the Burlington Node after a meeting in January!

Are you hoping to get more involved in climate action? Are you searching for a community of people with whom you can learn and work for change? Do you want to help build the climate movement in your region?

We are excited to offer an opportunity for people to get involved in climate action and to help build the climate movement in every part of Vermont!

350Vermont is organized into nodes, or local groups, in different parts of the state. A node is made up of a group of people that meet every other week and are committed to learning, planning, and acting together around climate change. Nodes are led by node members and decisions are made collectively. In the past year, nodes have planned actions, coordinated film screenings, and facilitated workshops for the community.

Currently there are Nodes in Burlington, Central Vermont, Brattleboro, Bennington, Manchester, and the Upper Valley.  We hope to have a Node in every region in the state and you can help us make that possible.  Interested in starting a group near you? Email

What are the goals for Vermont Nodes?

We envision Nodes as groups that support communities and individuals throughout the state to get involved in climate action. By being volunteer run and directed, the movement is truly in the people’s hands. Our goals for Nodes are to:

  • provide local opportunities for gathering and organizing around climate change;
  • build leadership;
  • create a group that is self directed and where decisions are made democratically;
  • form a statewide network of climate activists;
  • create a space for people to learn and to have fun!

How do I join a Node?

Sign up here! We’ll be in touch with you soon. Also, all Node meetings are listed here, so feel free to attend a meeting near you.

Is there not yet a Node near you? If you’re interested in starting a Node near you, sign up below and we’ll get back to you to talk about starting one.

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