Join a Node Near You!

We believe in the power of working together, and we collaborate in many different ways across the state. Much of the heart of our work happens in groups focused on organizing locally, called nodes.

Nodes meet regularly–most meet twice a month. They carry out their own local campaigns, and they plan local events like film screenings, trainings and workshops, art builds, and critical mass bike rides. They also participate in 350VT statewide campaigns (e.g., Re)Generate New Solutions) and actions on a statewide level or beyond (e.g., on Sept. 8, 2018, every node organized an action as part of Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice, a day with over 900 actions worldwide).

To address the climate crisis, change is needed on every scale, and nodes do the essential work of making change in their local communities. The power of nodes comes from collaboration, mutual support, and the energy that arises from joining together with others to address the most urgent issues of our time. It’s an antidote to feeling overwhelmed or powerless!

350VT currently has seven active nodes. Upcoming node meetings are on our calendar; feel free to check out a meeting near you anytime! To learn more about joining a node (or to start one!), click below.

Get Involved

You can also contact a node directly: