Just Transition Campaign

Support a People’s Climate Action Plan

This fall, the State of Vermont is developing the plan for how our Brave Little State will address the climate crisis and what our energy future will look like.  This may be our best opportunity to take meaningful action.  Will our plan be effective enough to help avert runaway climate change?  Who will this future benefit?  Who might be left behind?   The state needs to hear from us!   We need to work together to ensure a People’s Climate Action Plan, not a Climate Action Plan for Corporations.  Here’s how we’re getting our voices heard. 

Take Action Now!

What are we asking for?

We’re calling on The Vermont Climate Council, Legislators, the Executive, and State Agencies to do everything in their power to bring about a just transition off of fossil fuels to a just and climate-resilient Vermont. 


We are respectfully asking that the Vermont Climate Council develop a Just Climate Action plan that:

    • Is aligned with the Just Transition principles developed by the Council’s Just Transition Subcommittee
    • Counts all greenhouse gas emissions accurately to ensure our actions  are impactful and proportional to the scale of the crisis (including out of state emissions and methane from Hydro-Quebec)
    • Establishes a 10-year mass weatherization program for Vermont’s housing stock, and prioritizes the needs of low-income and BIPOC communities
    • Develops public transportation systems in urban centers and along major transportation corridors that meet the needs of rural and low-income populations.
    • Provides access and resources to farmers who want to practice regenerative agriculture, prioritizing BIPOC farmers first
    • Takes “Renewable” Natural Gas off the table as a potential solution and incentivizes Just Transition renewable energy solutions like net-metering, community solar, and solar incentives, heat pumps, and geothermal technology prioritizing low-income and BIPOC communities
    • Keeps and puts carbon back in the ground by protecting ecosystems and preventing Vermont State Lands and the Green Mountain National Forest from large-scale logging, and stops rural sprawl
    • Creates a fair and bold funding mechanism for this People’s Climate Action Plan that doesn’t pass on the costs of this transition to future generations

We ask that the Legislature passes the following in the 2022 legislative session:

We ask that the Governor and State agencies  

    • Ensure the Vermont Climate Action Plan is effectively implemented by state agencies without weakening its effectiveness.
    • Ensure the executive enacts the Climate Action Plan

Learn more about how we’re building power here.



Why a Just Transition?

Almost daily we hear of and experience more results of the climate crisis: life-threatening heat waves and wildfires in the West, severe droughts destroying farmers’ crops, flash flooding across the East coast. 

The climate crisis is happening right now. We must take action immediately to stop or slow down the destruction of land and livelihoods by prioritizing people and the planet over corporate profits. 

We need to move away from our dependence on an economy based on fossil fuels to one that is based on sustainable and renewable energy. A Just Transition ensures that we all benefit from that shift. 

Our Just Transition campaign will build the power of ordinary people to co-create an equitable world that ensures access for all to safe housing, healthcare, transportation, energy, food, and clean air and water.  

Check out this powerful collective video testimony from a Families Rise Up event in front of the State House in September 2021. With thanks to Jerome Lipani, our incredible volunteer videographer, and to all of the parents and grandparents who shared their hearts and stories about the current climate crisis and the need for a just transition.

Our Just Transition Campaign Operating Principles

As a 350VT movement, we are operating according to the following principles:

You and me together

  • The Just Transition Campaign will seek to unite everyone who is or will be adversely affected by the climate crisis in the common cause of saving our only home.
  • We must learn, listen and act with nature and with all people living and yet to come.
  • We need to practice listening and living with friendship and trust.  

What’s good for all must be good for each

  • This campaign will work to ensure that any solution proposed to address or adapt to the climate crisis meets the needs of those who are already being impacted by the crisis and centers their voices in crafting the solutions.
  • A Just Transition ensures that no one directly impacted bears an unfair burden from any solutions or adaptations developed to address the climate crisis 
  • We believe in people over profits, moving away from corporate interests to true democracy.

Living in balance with the earth’s ecosystems

  • We need to live sustainably, deeply mindful of the earth’s ecosystems, during the long emergency, the healing ahead, and our responsibility to avert catastrophe and heal the compounding traumas of the global majority and people who are socially vulnerable and marginalized. 
  • We commit to working with science and nature, mindful of our common wellbeing: Protecting the earth we hold, upholding justice, and considering the next seven generations. 

Urgent and Ongoing 

We need real results and will need to continue to work in an intersectional way on, for example, safe, affordable housing, attractive communities, and health care for all.

Transformative Love

Our viable future upholds the earth, all her people, non-human kin and possibilities.