Building Ground Leadership Training
Join us June 20-21, 2020!

Building Ground is an opportunity to spend a full weekend learning, deepening, and building the skills necessary to undertake powerful climate justice work within our communities. The Building Ground training will support you to deepen your climate justice analysis, develop your movement building and organizing skills, and build unity, clarity, and strength of purpose.

At Building Ground, you can expect sessions where you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of climate justice and the approaches that individuals and groups undertake to build a powerful movement;
  • Learn in detail about 350’s specific approach to changemaking and organizing;
  • Begin to articulate your own leadership and changemaking approaches;
  • Build tools and learn organizing strategies to support your work through developing understandings of campaign strategy and meeting facilitation;
  • Connect with other emerging leaders from around the state and region.

Our next Building Ground Leadership Training will be June 20-21 at the beautiful Knoll Farm in the Mad River Valley.  Click here to apply today.  Applications are due May 31 and applicants are being accepted on a rolling basis.  Apply by May 1st (May Day!) and receive a free thank you gift! 


Where: Knoll Farm, 700 Bragg Hill Rd, Fayston VT.
When: Saturday, June 20, 10 am- Sunday, June 21, 4 pm.
Meals and housing provided.  Space is limited to 20 participants.
Applications due May 31.

Click here to apply today. 

“Building Ground was such a re-energizing experience. It centered my passions and led me to see tangible outlets for the work I wish to pursue. Working with other passionate folks helped me feel supported and provided me a space within the larger climate movement community.”

Why Now?

These times demand that we build powerful and loving social movements that are strong enough to confront and overcome the systems which have created the climate crisis. With the impending urgency of this climate crisis and the lack of leadership in our federal government, and at a time when various movements for justice around the world are uniting to work together, this is the moment for each of us to step more fully into our own leadership and power.

This requires our taking the time to deepen our skills and analysis as activists, leaders, and organizers, and to build connections so we can confront this crisis with the boldness, creativity, resilience, and love that we need.

“Thank you for opening my eyes to my own possibilities and for opening my heart to others who share my goals and concerns.”

Why You?

If you’re wondering if you’re “qualified enough” to be a part of something this… you are.  If you’re wondering if you “know enough” to be a part of something this… you do.  If you’re wondering if you’re “good enough” to be a part of something like this… take a deep breath and know that we need you. Here is a list of some reasons that you might consider attending…

  • You are excited to learn and deepen your knowledge of climate justice and the climate movement
  • You want to be a part of a community of inspiring people who are ready to stand up and confront the reality of the climate crisis
  • You have bold ideas and questions and you want to learn how to put them into action
  • You want to grow your own skills and abilities and be part of a community of practice that is learning together
  • You know this moment in time requires tremendous leadership and you want to find your own way to contribute
  • You feel moved by this invitation in some way that you can’t quite describe, and just feel like you want to be there!

The Details

Building Ground will begin at 10 am on Saturday, June 20 and will conclude at 4 pm on Sunday, June 21 at the beautiful Knoll Farm in the Mad River Valley. Knoll Farm has a long history of hosting organizations to do this type of important work. It is a working farm and provides delicious meals, cozy yurts for sleeping, and beautiful training spaces that encourage inspiration and renewal.

It is important to understand that attendance for the entire weekend is required to participate. If you have questions about this, or want to attend but feel like you will not be able to be present for the entire time, please contact Sonia Silbert at  We can help you find housing in Burlington if that is needed.

Cost of the program ranges from $75-$250 depending on what you are able to contribute. This amount covers the cost of meals, venue, and facilitation for the weekend. On the registration form there is more detail about how to determine the amount of contribution you are able to make.

**Please note if this presents a financial hardship for you there is sponsorship available and no one will be turned away based on financial need. We want you there and we will work with you to make that possible!

Space is limited to 20 participants. Please email if you have any additional questions or ideas.  Applications are due May 31 and applicants are now being accepted on a rolling basis.  Apply by May 1 for a free thank you gift!

Click here to apply now!