Moving Planet was a worldwide rally to demand solutions to the climate crisis–and Vermont went big with a huge statewide rally in Montpelier!

On Saturday, September 24th, a broad coalition of  Vermonters converged on the Statehouse lawn in Montpelier for the largest climate action event ever held in Vermont.
Well over 1,000 Vermonters walked, biked, rode buses, ride-shared, and more to Montpelier to rally for a bold vision of a just transition to a healthy, sustainable, and thriving future.  Participants danced, played Frisbee, submitted comments on the state energy plan (500 written comments, just at the rally!), enjoyed great music as well as yummy ice cream, and heard from a series of speakers.In a both somber and rousing speech, Senator Sanders told the crowd that “we have more problems than we have faced since the Great Depression,” but pointed out that “if we don’t reverse global warming, if we don’t cut greenhouse gas emissions, all of the other problems aren’t going to mean anything for our kids and our grandchildren, cause we’re not going to have a planet on which to live.” Governor Shumlin put it this way: “there is nothing more important that you can do on this planet, than join this 350 movement, and give Bill McKibben and the team the power, because we’re going to get off our addiction to oil, move to renewables, and make this planet livable for future generations, and it’s going to be your power that makes it happen.”At Moving Planet Vermont, Governor Shumlin also joined Senator Sanders in calling for a Presidential veto of Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and voiced his support for the Vermonters engaging in civil disobedience to hold the President accountable. The Obama Administration has since sent the pipeline back to the environmental review drawing board.

The schedule of events at Moving Planet Vermont included:

  • 2pm – Festival of Solutions and Music
  • 3:30pm – Rally
  • 5pm – Solar-Powered Dance Party

Climate champions from dozens of communities biked, walked, bused, and carpooled to the Capitol to promote their vision of a green future for everyone in the Green Mountain State, which includes:

  • Green Jobs for All
  • Energy Efficient Homes and Buildings for All
  • 100% Renewable Energy for All
  • Local, Healthy Food for All
  • Green Transport for All
  • Community Forests for All

Exhibitors at our festival of solutions included;Hunger Mountain Coop, Goddard college, 350Vermont, The Green Building Network, Idle Free Vermont, Hempfully Green, NOFA-VT, Rural Vermont and much more!!Entertainment included several songs from a local Climate Opera and a dance choreographed by a local dance troupe to Bill McKibben’s inspiring Powershift speech.