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350VT is hiring!

Role: Lead Organizer
Commitment: Full-time (35 hours/week)
Location: Based in VT required; preferably based out of our Burlington office or Central VT
Pay: $20.50-$23.50/hour, DOE (annual salary range equivalent to $37,310-$42,770)
Benefits: Health insurance, 6 weeks’ paid time off per year, professional development budget
Start date: Ideally by April 1
Apply using the form here by February 15
Contact Lily:


The Lead Organizer will lead 350VT’s resistance, solutions, solidarity, and coalition organizing in our statewide grassroots climate justice organization. This is a new role, in the context of our ongoing transition to an organizational structure with shared leadership, and a successful Lead Organizer will be able to take leadership in organizing even while structure and priorities/vision are still developing. The Lead Organizer will work and organize with 350VT’s staff collective, board, volunteer base, and partners. After a six-month exploratory/candidacy period, the Lead Organizer will join 350VT’s staff collective of organizers/co-directors, and co-lead some of the internal part of 350VT’s work (e.g., communications, finance, fundraising, operations, organizational development, etc.).

Leading 350VT’s organizing will be the majority of this role. Some key aspects of this are:

Lead 350VT’s campaigns and movement-building

  • Translate 350VT’s vision and organizational goals into strategy and campaign goals, based on organizational values, and in collaboration with staff, board, volunteers, and partners
  • Plan and follow through on actions, campaigns, and mobilizations regarding our two primary foci, fossil fuel resistance and climate solutions, as well as potentially others
  • Mobilize people toward both transactional (e.g., reducing emissions) and transformational (movement-building) goals at the same time
  • Engage with our current base, get them involved in coordinated statewide actions, and expand our base to bring in new people
  • Collaborate with and support staff, board, volunteers, and partners in developing and carrying out organizing goals and campaigns

Lead 350VT in holding relationships with other organizations

  • Attend allies’ events and join key coalition spaces, figure out ways to collaborate, and keep staff members informed and involved as appropriate
  • Participate in and promote solidarity actions

As a staff collective member, the Lead Organizer will participate in all collective activities, sharing the responsibility for 350VT’s overall organizational health and vision. This includes:

  • Strategy, planning, and organizational development retreats and other activities
  • Regular meetings and collaboration with the whole collective, teams (realms), and board/staff committees
  • Some fundraising and communications work

Along with other staff collective members, after a six month candidacy period, the Lead Organizer will also help with 350VT’s internal work, and co-lead one or more of these realms: Finance, Fundraising, Operations, Organizational Development, or Communications (which one/s depends on current needs and the person’s skills and interests):

  • With a co-leader, bottom-line that area of work
  • Develop and update a clear strategy and plans for that area of work
  • Keep other staff members informed about the work, and involve them as needed



Core competencies & orientation to collaboration/shared leadership

  • Shows strength or promise in all the core competencies agreed on for staff collective members: collaboration, communication, initiative, accountability, facilitating productive conversations, time management, shared decision-making, organization, justice analysis/practice/commitment, vision for the work
  • Commitment to collective, deeply collaborative, non-hierarchical work, and to the ongoing, intentional process of continuing to develop systems for shared leadership and accountability

Organizing skills & experience

  • At least 2 – 5 years’ experience with grassroots organizing and with planning and managing campaigns
  • Demonstrated ability to form vision and strategy around long- and short-term goals, and how all the different pieces fit together to build the movement
  • Able to take leadership on organizing — involving and accountable to all relevant parties — even while the organization’s vision and structures are still evolving
  • Demonstrated ability to engage volunteers and members in events and campaigns


  • Strong intersectional justice analysis; understanding of how to apply that in organizing

Alignment with the organization & subject knowledge

  • Embraces 350VT’s approach to organizing and movement goals
  • Has a vision of a just transition and a fossil fuel-free future in Vermont
  • Understanding of basic climate science, root causes of climate crisis, and what does and doesn’t motivate people to take action on this issue

Other organizational skills/experience

  • Interest in, and preferably some experience with, the internal side of non-profit organizations or businesses
  • Comfort with tech and learning new tech (most relevant: Google suite, Slack, Zoom)
  • A plus but not required:
    • Connections/familiarity with other social justice and environmental organizations in Vermont & the region
    • Strength with social media, website management, communications strategy
    • Skilled in public speaking, talking with the press
    • Experience with fundraising

Other qualities

  • Ability to inspire participation in the movement
  • Outgoing
  • Heart-centered
  • Willing and able to travel around Vermont (especially post-pandemic)
  • Willing and able to work some evenings and weekends
  • Committed to following safe COVID protocols

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