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Families Rise Up – Hannah Morgan Op-Ed

Leaving the house with young kids is always a triumph. I had been attempting to do just that with my one and three year old all morning. While cleaning oatmeal off the one year old the three year old ran

Don’t Burn Dinner

by Ned Swanberg of the Central VT node and a member of the Just Transition Campaign Team


The Clean Heat Standard Bill (H.715) needs more attention to maximize weatherization for the most vulnerable, to avoid turning croplands …

Renewable Energy Standard and Clean Heat Standard

The current legislative semester is crucial in Vermont’s effort to address the climate crisis. Lawmakers are working hard to turn the recommendations of Vermont’s first Climate Action Plan into effective policy that puts us on the right path towards limiting …

The Transportation Innovation Act and Beyond

The Transportation Innovation Act and Beyond
By Becky Jones of 350VT Brattleboro

When asked to envision a future where we successfully confront the climate crisis, people often describe a world with bustling communities filled with pedestrians and bicyclists, and where …

Who’s Carrying the Backpack?

by Marisa D. Keller


Imagine that you and I go on a hike. I give you the heavy backpack full of food and water as we start off, and then I get so far ahead you can’t ever ask