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Connecting ocean clean-up and climate justice action

I am Lillian Howard, a first-year student at the University of Vermont and 350Vermont’s Media Intern for this spring. My work with 350VT was inspired by the love for the environment that has been instilled in me from growing up …

Becoming a Zero Waste Family

By Lissa Schneckenburger
Lissa is a musician, parent, and activist based in Brattleboro, VT.
Her latest single “Labor On” was inspired by the climate justice
movement and is available online at

Last year (what now seems like a pre-pandemic …

Vermont Climate Council Report: Solutions, Capacity, and Equity

By Marisa D. Keller
Marisa is a freelance writer and editor and a member
of 350VT’s Writers for Climate Justice group.

Vermont’s biggest challenge in addressing climate change is not a lack of solutions; it’s a lack of capacity to …

Reflections on Payment for Ecosystem Services in Vermont

by Chris Gish, 2020 Summer Fellow at 350Vermont and University of Vermont ’21 Ecological Agriculture & Geology major

Spend any time lamenting ecological issues with activists, environmentalists or concerned folks, and the idea of putting a price on the environment