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350Vermont – Growing capacity to meet the future

From the Tar Sands arrests to the Moving Planet rallies to the growing nationwide Occupations, Fall 2011 is rapidly transforming into a springtime for the renewal of true Democracy.  Energized by this historic quickening, 350Vermont has begun laying crucial new …

Green Energy And Good Jobs For Vermonters

Left to Right: VT AFL-CIO President Ben Johnson, Commissioner Miller, Secretary MacLean, Sierra Club Director David Vandeusen, 350VT organizer Becky Jones.

Today a coalition of Green Jobs advocates met with with the Commissioner of Public Service Liz Miller, and Secretary …

We’re growing a movement in Vermont to solve the climate crisis

There is clearly a hunger now within our state for true action to meet the climate crises. From our highest elected officials to the children who crafted beautiful banners for Moving Planet, Vermonters are ready to directly engage the