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Time to ramp it up!

by Leif Taranta 

Working in the Vermont Climate Justice Movement gives me so much hope. Every day, there are people out here doing amazing work. This summer, I’ve met people who shut down pipelines, coal plants, and ICE facilities. I’ve

Finding Community at Building Ground

By Olivia Box, a member of 350VT’s Writing for Climate Justice group

I went to Building Ground because I had been feeling like I wasn’t doing enough—but I didn’t know what enough was.

Was it enough to cut down …

Critical Mass Riders Gear Up for Summer Events

By Gail Marlene Schwartz, a member of 350VT’s Writing for Climate Justice group

Here’s a mini-quiz: define the word “transportation.”

Pretty straightforward right? I thought so too, before learning about Critical Mass Bike Rides. Last Saturday’s celebration of biking in …

Marathon Hike for Climate Justice!

Sunrise at Camel’s Hump.

I’m happy to report that my hike for Climate justice went off over the weekend without any major hitches. George (our driver) and Tom (the experienced CamelsField hiker) left Camel’s Hump parking lot at 3:15am by