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Reflections from the Bus

Below are a few stories and reflections from the buses that traveled to Washington D.C. for the People’s Climate March on April 29. Interested in sharing your story? Fill out our survey!

I’m grateful, I’m reminded how much these marches are about building community, getting inspired, and meeting others as much as they are about a cause. I feel fired up in a way I haven’t in a while. I’m grateful for the love and respect embodied by many I got to march with. The marches are  a change to bring our best self, express our creativity, and speak powerfully for the idea that the world and all that lives on it deserves love and respect.Burlington Bus Rider

What a fun, creative bunch of people! What else can we do to get the earth to rate as a concern of the powerful? There are many of us and we need more of these kinds of actions.Burlington Bus Rider

We are on our way back to Vermont, the Climate March is over, and the Sun Has Set.I’m tired from the long hot day, and feeling extremely grateful,that I was able to be a participant in this event in which we all came together to resist, protest, and march for ourselves, our families, our communities, our environment (the the other living things within it), and our planet. I was encouraged and inspired by how many people were there and by their messages and the effort they put into their signs, banners,and all the artistic ways they conveyed their messages!White River Junction Bus Rider

So good to see us going to Washington D.C. to send a message of how important it is to halt climate change for all forms of life on earth. – Montpelier Bus Rider