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Lately, climate news has been the stuff of nightmares – out of control ticks, the flooding of the seed bank in Norway, freak storms, rollbacks or stagnation of policies at all levels of our government, and much more. We must dream and scheme for another world. The 2016 Yale Climate Opinion Map tells us that a majority (61%) of Vermonters are worried about global warming, but in so many parts of Vermont,
the 61% still feels isolated. We hope to connect with that 61% and strengthen our statewide climate action network with the 350VT Summer Pop-Up Series!

Join 350VT staff, interns, volunteers, family and friends, this summer as we hit the road to a community near you!  St. Johnsbury, Rutland, the Upper Valley, Bennington… our “pop-up” office will be setting up shop for a few days in each of these amazing communities and bringing with it an array of opportunities to learn, celebrate, skill-up, and engage.


Pop-Up Stops

June 28 – July 1: St. Johnsbury

  • St. Johnsbury Schedule
  • Facebook Event
  • Raffle prizes: WakaWaka solar-powered light, Natural Provisions gift card, The Gifty Part of the Year (book by 350VT board member Kathryn Blume), cupcake of the month deal (for an entire year!) from All About the Cake, vegan clutch from Elisabetta Studio.

July 12 – July 15: Rutland

  • Rutland Schedule
  • Facebook Event
  • Waking the Sleeping Giant Facebook Event
  • Raffle prizes: set of four handmade Vermont mugs from Pizzazz Pottery, Essential Oils soap and natural insect repellant from Essential Suds, vegan leather clutch from Elisabetta Studio, Rutland Area Food Co-op gift card, natural first aid kit from The Vermont Herbal General Store, All Natural Whole Body Gift Set from Small Backyard Soap.

July 26 – July 29: Upper Valley

  • Upper Valley Schedule
  • Facebook Event
  • Raffle prizes: vegan leather clutch from Elisabetta Studio, gift basket from Piecemeal Pies, two passes for the Montshire Museum of Science, gift card from Revolution (White River Junction), two T-shirts from Dan and Whit’s.

August 8 – August 11: Bennington


What’s a “Pop-Up?”

What do you get when you mix a traveling roadshow, a listening tour, a fierce commitment to climate justice, a set of powerful workshops and trainings, the excitement of overnight summer camp, and incredible climate leaders from across the state? …a 350VT summer pop-up series, of course!


Working with our node groups and local partners, 350VT will be spending 3-4 days in specific communities this summer.  During these days we’ll be hosting a variety of different events aimed at bringing people together, listening to each other in order to better understand the many perspectives alive in the Vermont climate movement, and developing and deepening leadership capacity in each of these regions.  Want to know more about what we’re offering? See below for a sample menu of options.


350VT Pop-Up Sample “Menu” Items

Here are some examples of what’s coming to a town near you.  Please check the schedules for St. Johnsbury, Rutland, the Upper Valley, and Bennington for specific offerings and dates and times in each area!


350VT staff in a climate and racial justice workshop

350VT staff in a climate and racial justice workshop

Pop-Up Tent

350VT’s traveling exhibit about the movement for climate justice will feature a raffle, info booths, art, postcard-writing, kids’ activities, and more! Duration: Throughout the day (see specific schedules)


Solidarity Singing Workshop

The power of song – of using our voices in harmony – is both metaphorical and literal.  The legacy of protest songs in this country is broad and deep and our climate justice movement is only as strong as our voices.  Come join us for a family-friendly and fun song circle.  Learn new songs, learn how to teach them to others, and celebrate our voices.  No singing experience or talent necessary! Duration: 1.5 hrs


Active Hope Workshop: Intro to the Work that Reconnects

A participatory workshop exploring the connections between hope, grief, and action in the era of the climate crisis. Duration: 1.5 hrs


Workshop: Cantastoria and Art Build

(Led by Jabari Saeed Jones) Stories are powerful, and stories that contain political or moral arguments have the power to move people. We will learn how to create a ‘cantastoria’ (an Italian word meaning ‘sung story’), a form of storytelling that is found on every continent and has been around for hundreds of years. A picture or series of pictures on banners or panels is accompanied by a narrator, and sometimes musicians or singers, dancers, puppets, and much more. The possibilities are endless! Using paper and markers, we’ll make a first draft of a cantastoria that can be performed on the streets or almost anywhere to disseminate information and connect people to people and issues. In a manner of hours, we’ll choreograph a performance! Duration: 2 hrs


Climate Solutions for People of the Future: Design Workshop 

(Led by Katie McCurdy) Our planet is changing and our weather is becoming more extreme. What does this mean for the people of the future? What will our lives look like in 50 years? What will our kids’ lives look like when they’re middle-aged? How can we help these future-people cope? Join a fun, interactive workshop in which we will imagine and create inventions to support daily life in the year 2067. Duration: 1.5 hrs


“The Great Turning” – Film Showing & Discussion 

Public viewing of Joanna Macy’s film describing this moment of time which she describes as “The Great Turning.”  Joanna Macy is an environmentalist and a Buddhist scholar.  Her most recent books include Active Hope and Coming Back to Life.  Duration: 30 min


What Kind of Changemaker Are You? Workshop

Ever wonder where you “fit” in the climate movement? Or how best to use the particular strengths and motivations that you carry in service of the goals of climate justice? Ever worry that you’re just not “useful”?  Please join us for this participatory workshop to learn with others about the many different kinds of roles and places to plug in.  Duration: 1.5 hrs


Photo by volunteer Erika Korb of the Brattleboro Mother Up! group

Photo by volunteer Erika Korb of the Brattleboro Mother Up! group

Meet & Greet w/ 350VT Staff

Want to meet some of the staff, interns, and key volunteers who are driving 350VT’s work and learn more about what we do? Come join us for a meet-up at a local brewery and let’s connect! Duration: ~2 hrs


Cantastoria Performance

There are so many incredible forms of creative storytelling that can be combined with education, outreach, and protest.  One of these is the beautiful art of cantastoria.  Come learn about this art form, witness and/or join in for a performance at a local farmer’s market near you.  This is a family friendly and fun event.  Duration: Ongoing – each performance takes about 20 min.


Climate & Racial Justice Workshop

Want to learn more about the roots of the climate crisis? Wondering exactly how climate justice and racial justice are connected to each other? Looking to better understand the term “intersectionality” and what it means for your life and work here in Vermont? Join us for a participatory workshop about these interconnections and how they impact the Vermont climate movement.  Duration: 1.5 hrs


TD Bank Action

TD Bank continues to provide financing to pipeline and fossil fuel infrastructure, including the DAPL pipeline.  In ongoing solidarity with the water protectors at Standing Rock and divestment movements across the country, join us to support individuals withdrawing funds from TD Bank.  We’ll be providing education about personal, state, and institutional divestment, encouraging and supporting individuals to personally divest, and opening dialogues with bank employees and citizens.  Duration: Multiple hours and ongoing (see specific schedules)


Report Back From Frackland

Last year, a group of five Vermont families–adults and their young children–traveled to the Pennsylvania shale fields to bear witness to the impacts of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The four-day trip took them through Susquehanna County, including the town of Dimock, the epicenter of fracking in the Marcellus Shale and the town prominently featured in the two “Gasland” documentaries. The group met with families and individuals who face polluted water wells and seized land, and experienced both nature’s beauty and the suffering caused by extreme extraction of fossil fuels. If we are to change our world for the better, we’ve first got to look directly at the tough stuff. Come hear the stories from the trip and learn about the Mother Up! project that engages parents to take action in both their own communities and those most affected by the fossil fuel industry. Duration: 1.5 hrs


Waking the Sleeping Giant

We’re pleased to present this feature documentary at our Rutland pop-up, in partnership with Rutland Area Climate Coalition, Fossil Free VSC, and Castleton Indivisible and sponsored by Same Sun of Vermont! From the campaign trail with Senator Bernie Sanders to a local political race in the failing economy of rural West Virginia. From a mass sit-in on the U.S. Capitol steps to racially charged police commission hearings in Los Angeles. Waking the Sleeping Giant makes sense of this moment in American politics, exploring widespread discontent during the 2016 election cycle, Donald Trump’s dramatic electoral victory, and the challenges ahead for those building a re-energized progressive movement. Director and University of Vermont Professor Jon Erickson will be available for Q&A afterwards. Reserve your free tickets here. Duration: 2.5 hrs



Want to Learn More?

Questions or ideas to share? Hoping to host a 350VT pop-up near you or interested in a specific workshop? Reach out and be in touch!  You can email events@350vt.org with the subject line “Pop-Up!” and let us know what you’re thinking.


Get Involved:

  • Volunteer at our pop-ups! We are always looking for volunteers to help us staff our pop-up tents and hand out flyers while we are visiting! If you are interested, please contact Katherine at katherine@350vt.org with “POP UP VOLUNTEER” in the header.