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Climate Solutions

Climate change is happening, but a path to reversing it is possible. Solutions are available, and transitioning off fossil fuel is a choice we can make. By creating and sharing a vision for a transition that is fair and equitable for all in Vermont, 350VT is confronting  fossil fuel dependence and the assumption of endless power. Advocates are organizing and supporting grassroots solutions in neighborhoods, communities, and towns. Together, we can remove the barriers to progress. We can nurture and spread Vermont’s unique innovations and home-grown solutions, remaking our lives and livelihoods in right relation with the land, the water, and each other.

The Regenerate New Solutions Campaign is about identifying and removing barriers to the transition to a fossil fuel free society by organizing support for local initiatives and grassroots solutions such as co-ops, co-housing, community solar, solar buying clubs, community transport, CSAs, electric bicycles, and regenerative ag. 

The first phase of this campaign focused on passing Climate Solution Resolutions around the state and amplify the need for local solutions.  The second phase of the campaign focuses on implementing these solutions at the town and municipal level.

Climate Solutions Resolution Campaign Phase I 

Over two years, from 2018-2019, 350VT led a campaign to pass local Climate Solutions Resolutions. To date, 55 Vermont towns have voted in support of the 350VT supported Resolution. The resolutions were a significant step in pressuring lawmakers to take bold climate action. They also called for towns to work on local solutions to reduce emissions, improve efficiency, and transition away from fossil fuels. To learn more about this campaign and view climate resoluion success stories please click here


Drawdown Phase II

Over the winter of 2018-2019, several dozen node members read the book Drawdown which compiles the best and most practical solutions available today to mitigate climate change.  When 350VT node members came together to discuss the book, they identified regenerative agriculture and mass-transportation as solutions that they were most excited about and that had the most potential for effective implementation in their local communities.

The book lists a transition towards climate-friendly agriculture as number 11 out of 100 potential solutions to climate change and list mass-transportation at number 37. 

Phase II of the Re)generate New Solutions Campaign builds campaigns around these two solutions.  Click here to find out more about Phase II.

Thank you to Grassroots Solar for donating $35 to 350VT on behalf of every new solar installation!

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