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Climate Solutions

Climate change is happening, but a path to reversing it is possible. Solutions are available, and transitioning off fossil fuel is a choice we can make. By creating and sharing a vision for a transition that is fair and equitable for all in Vermont, 350VT is confronting  fossil fuel dependence and the assumption of endless power. Advocates are organizing and supporting grassroots solutions in neighborhoods, communities, and towns. Together, we can remove the barriers to progress. We can nurture and spread Vermont’s unique innovations and home-grown solutions, remaking our lives and livelihoods in right relation with the land, the water, and each other.

Climate Solutions Resolution Campaign

Town Meeting Resolutions  2019

This year on Town Meeting Day in March, 55 Vermont towns voted in support of our Climate Solution Resolution. These resolutions are a significant step in pressuring lawmakers to take bold climate action. They also call for towns to work on local solutions to reduce emissions, improve efficiency, and transition away from fossil fuels.

Why a Resolution?

In 2011, the Vermont Department of Public Service established a Comprehensive Energy Plan that set out to power Vermont by 90% renewables by 2050. As of now, Vermont is far from meeting this goal. We need to do more at the state and national level to decarbonize the atmosphere and build momentum towards renewables.

This campaign is about coming up with solutions to get Vermont off fossil fuels and make a fair and equitable transition towards renewable energy, electric vehicles, improved public transportation, and no more fossil fuel pipelines! This campaign is about towns making the commitment to do all they can to move Vermont towards renewable communities.

Halting Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Across the country, from Portland Oregon to Portland Maine, resolutions and policies are being passed that restrict or prevent the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.  Communities that have passed these resolutions recognize that it is time to put resources and efforts behind establishing renewable energy infrastructure – the best way to keep the oil in the ground is not to build the pipes to transport it nor the refineries to process it.  It is time for cities, towns, and states to take the bold step of not permitting any new fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

Transitioning towards Renewables

Our goal is for each resolution to forward public debate on renewable energy solutions, and illustrate to legislators that Vermonters are serious about the commitment to at least 90% renewable energy, and a more climate-friendly transportation system. We aim to inform Vermonters of the real risks of climate change, and what can be done at the town level to achieve the goal of a fossil free Vermont.


55 Vermont towns have now passed the Climate Solutions Resolution calling for a fair and just transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable solutions! Check and see if a resolution has passed in your town!


Re)Generate New Solutions Packet – You can print copies of the packet here or we can send you a hard copy. If you would like us to send a hard copy, email

Climate Solutions Resolution -Download the current version of the resolution here.

Climate Resolution Quarter Sheet – Download and print this quarter sheet to pass out at events and post on bulletin boards.

Climate Resolution Poster – Download and print this poster. Use the blank text box to write in information about events or to remind others to vote at Town Meeting, then hang around your town.

2019 Re)solutions – Click on this link to find copies of the 2019 Climate Solution Resolutions.

2018 Re)solutions – Click on this link to find copies of the resolutions that have passed.

Trainings –  If you’re interested in setting up a canvassing day in your town and need help getting the word out, send an email to

Press Release – Resolutions Launched in 30 Vermont Towns Seek Climate Solutions