Rewild Vermont

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now!

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The same goes for climate action — it should have happened years ago, but we no longer have that luxury. 350VT’s Rewild Vermont campaign hopes to build on synergies between food justice, climate action and ecological restoration to meet the ambitious goal of planting 100 thousand trees across the state by the end of 2022. Trees absorb carbon, build soil, limit erosion and are the keystones of most Vermont ecosystems. They can also feed people and ground us in the patience and commitment desperately needed in these times. Join us and help sow the seeds for a vibrant, livable future.


WHAT: A campaign to plant tens of thousands of trees across Vermont by 2022.

HOW: Volunteers and community members help identify promising places for rewilding, and 350VT nodes and state organizers connect planters with nurseries and other sources for trees. Have an idea for a place that needs reforesting, or want to stay involved? Reach out to or your local 350VT node.

WHY: Scientists estimate that across the globe, filling all available non-urban and non-agricultural land with native trees could sequester a “mind-blowing” two-thirds of all anthropogenic carbon in the atmosphere. Planting trees is perhaps the most cost-effective way to mitigate emissions already in the air, and it can also feed people, rewild our landscapes and bring a host of ecological benefits.

WHO: You! 350 Vermont is coordinating with local nodes to help them connect with Conservation Districts, nurseries and other non-profits to identify the best places to plant trees and provide affordable, bulk seedlings. We are relying on local organizers and node members to plant, protect and care for the seedlings.

WHEN: We will begin planting during the summer and fall of 2020, and then really ramp things up with bulk tree orders in the spring of 2021 and 2022.

Want to get started?

Photo by Maria Ogden

Check out our toolkit for deeper dive into strategies, information, tree sources and community partners that will help you start a local Rewilding project. For more detailed instructions and technique for planting trees, take a look at our helpful tree planting guide  or watch this tree planting how-to.Reach out to or your local 350VT node with questions, comments and inspirations!

Thank you to Concept2 for their generous support of our Rewild project!