In September 2016 Arthur Hynes spent six days on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in Cannonball, North Dakota. He stayed at the Sacred Stone Camp, which is one of the smaller camps and the one where the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline began last April. The camps are all sacred and don’t allow any alcohol, drugs or weapons. No photos or video are allowed at the Sacred Stone Camp, so he spent his days at the much larger Red Warrior Camp taking photos, shooting video and conducting interviews with leaders and visitors.

Media was loosely controlled, but for the most part Arthur was able to wander and record whatever he wanted. The atmosphere was so warm and welcoming and everyone he talked to said they had never experienced anything like it. At this point, over 300 tribes have come to bring their tribal flag and give their support to the struggle. This coming together of the tribes has not happened since the 1880’s.


Protectors in Vermont

Action at Geprag Public Park, Hinesburg, VT where Vermont Gas wants to put the pipeline through a wetlands. Local landowners and activists have been fighting the pipeline for about 4 years.

More About Arthur

arthurArthur is a photographer and videographer living in northern Vermont. He has been active with peace and justice and environmental movements in various capacities most of his adult life and has been involved with 350 VT since 2011.  His primary interests, besides environmental activism, are kayaking, skiing, skating, yoga, art, photography, dance, travel and mushroom hunting.