An Evening With Starhawk

Collaboration, Co-Creation, and Empowerment within the Climate Movement

September 26, 2017 . 6-830pm . UU Church, 130 Main St., Montpelier, VT


Change-making is an ecosystem, with different groups, strategies and tactics occupying different niches. With an eye towards the climate movement, this interactive workshop will offer participants the opportunity to engage in different ways of approaching strategy and collaboration. How can varied approaches support one another? What patterns and dynamics transform our work so that we are living the change we want to see today? What holds us back from courageous living? How can we create a vibrant, changemaking community that welcomes the fullness and complexity of who we are, and helps us embrace new patterns and deeper awareness. All are welcome. $15 suggested donation for anyone who feels able to make a financial contribution.


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Starhawk is a movement elder who has been working in anti-war, anti-nuke, and climate activism for decades.  She is also a respected voice in the earth-based spirituality community and a teacher of permaculture and regenerative practices.  She has been teaching nonviolence, community building, permaculture, and spirit-based practices across the globe.  You can read more about Starhawk’s activism, writing, and teaching on her personal website.  This workshop will be drawing off of her most recent publication, The Empowerment Manual.  Here are some words from Starhawk about our current reality and the purpose behind the book’s teachings:


Today we face overwhelming social, economic and ecological crises, from wars to natural disasters to nuclear meltdowns. Climate change is progressing even faster than predicted. We are challenged to recreate our technologies, our energy systems, our economies, our food systems and our way of life — and to do it not over the next century but within the next few decades. We have a short window of time to either make the transformation to a world where we all can thrive or devolve into a grim future of ecological catastrophe and all the social breakdowns, war, destruction and suffering that go with it.

To choose the positive future, we need the imagination, the commitment and passion that can never be commanded but can only be unleashed in groups of equals. Those groups need to work. They need to function well, as smoothly and efficiently as the most well-oiled hierarchical machine. And some of them, at least, need to last. That’s why I’m writing this book.




** Note: For those who want to explore issues of community building at a deeper level than we can do in one evening, Starhawk is presenting a full weekend workshop at the Rowe Camp and Conference Center.  Anyone interested in attending and carpooling from Vermont, please contact