On Thursday, June 21st, a small delegation of Vermonters took a trip to the Northeast Kingdom, to scout the pipelines that already run through our state, and are at risk of transporting tar sands oil through Vermont & New England.

We took a ton of photos and invite you to come along on a virtual tour!

Meeting up in Irasburg — Andy, Ruby, Mike, Peter, Anne, Arthur, James, & Joe.

Figuring out the maps to determine the pipeline route

Piling into the Subaru (all eight of us!) for the first scout

Gazing out at a nearby farm with a ‘Crude Oil Pipeline’ sign.

Across the street from the farm, another sign, in a flower bush.

Getting directions to find the pipeline from park gardener

On we go…carefully hiking through the edge of a cornfield to find the pipeline

it’s got to be around here somewhere…

Ruby, Arthur, and Pete

Arthur & Anne.

We found the pipeline! Right by the river – ugh.

Pipeline destination, it runs right behind, and maybe under, this river.

Soon after we completed this first quest, we broke up into three different groups to explore more ground….

You hear this sound a lot in the Northeast Kingdom

On a hunch, we stopped at ‘4 Acre Farm’ – and asked the farmer if he’s seen the pipeline. On yeah, he tells us — it’s out back. He immediately takes us on a tour.

Bunnies on Four Acre Farm, trying to keep cool

Reed tilling the field.

Adam shows us his red peppers

Right behind Four Acre Farm — this is where Adam and Reed go to get water to irrigate their crops. Adam explains how his small farm would be ruined if there was a tar sands spill.

Linda of Lakeview Cabins, a fourth generation business of vacation cabins on the shore of Crystal Lake. Oil Pipeline runs through her backyard.

Mid-expedition, we took a quick a swim in Crystal Lake (Thanks Linda!). It was like swimming in a gorgeous postcard! See the wind turbines in the distance?

Pete talks to NEKers – this gentleman told us about how his father helped lay parts of the original pipeline

Mike and James head for the Black Hill 1977 spill site

Walking the pipeline corridor through the Northeast Kingdom

watch out for all the puddles…

We’re lucky enough to have this scale of beauty in our state–not sure how smart it is to pipe tar sands oil through it….

Two pipelines going under a creek.

exposed pipeline

We found a pumping station in the NEK — for the Montreal-Portland Pipeline. Surrounded by barbed wire and not much information.

Just some wildflowers along the pipeline’s path.

Pipeline marker near Mississquoi River

Mississquoi River near pipeline crossing

Getting back together after a full day of scouting

Check out a bunch more photos here, and a newly launched campaign:– We’re just beginning this journey! tarsandsfreene.org