TAKE ACTION: Call you Legislators Today!

Find your legislator here: https://legislature.vermont.gov/people/.

Don’t forget to tell us you made the call so we know who’s been reached!

Here are some Talking Points:

Time is running out for us to preserve a world safe from massive climate disruption. Vermont needs to do its part and you are in a unique position to lead. We ask you to use the power you have been given by your constituents to take bold and courageous action to transition Vermont away from fossil fuels as quickly as we can. This needs to be done in a way that will not further hurt communities already most impacted. We know this is not easy, but it is what we need to do, and we are there to support you and work with you.

We need you to pursue real climate solutions that will improve Vermonters’ lives while significantly slashing greenhouse gas emissions. We can no longer afford false solutions that delay the change we desperately need for the sake of corporate profits.


  • Request to fix corporate loopholes and remove biofuels from the Clean Heat Standard bill (H. 175) – read our position paper and slide deck with talking points
  • Fund the Environmental Justice Council so Environmental Justice Communities Are Fairly Represented in All State Level Decisions  – Will ensure that all state level policies and decisions reflect and are informed by the lived experience and needs of your constituents, particularly those who will be most impacted by your decisions and climate disruption.  (We support S. 148 and call on the EJ Council to be funded.)
  • Weatherization
    • $80 million for low- and moderate-income weatherization;
    • $20 million for low- and moderate-income electrical upgrades;
    • $5 million for heat pump water heaters for low- and moderate-income Vermonters;
    • $48.4 million for municipal energy resilience in H.518;
    • $19.25 million for electric vehicle charging infrastructure;
    • $22 million to support electric and efficient vehicles;
    • $2 million for energy storage and load management; and
    • $5 million for advanced metering infrastructure
  • Make Land and Housing Resources Equally Accessible – Will give low-income and BIPOC individuals greater agency over their lives and communities. (We support S. 234 and Green Justice Zones.)
  • Build Public Transportation – Will enable all Vermonters to get around the state without burning fossil fuels
    • We ask you to prioritize the development of a robust public transportation system, starting with electric public and school buses, fare free transit and extended hours, and transportation management.