Take Action!

What can you do?

This fall, the State of Vermont is developing the plan for how we address the climate crisis and what our energy future will look like.  This may be our best opportunity to take meaningful action.  Will our plan be effective enough to help avert runaway climate change?  Who will this future benefit?  Who might be left behind?   The state needs to hear from us!  Join 350VT and the VT Renews Coalition to learn more and join the call for a future that works for all Vermonters and the planet. (Co-sponsored by Rights and Democracy and Sierra Club.)


  1. Join us on zoom on Tuesday, Sept 28th at 4:10pm to deliver the over 1400 Just Transition Postcards for a People’s Climate Action Plan to the Vermont Climate Council.

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/95785268631?pwd=S20rVGRtbWNFeVBhbGJoc2hZaTRzdz09

Meeting ID: 957 8526 8631;  Passcode: 562614. Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/ab9vMG7pj

  1. Attend a VCC public engagement meeting to share your thoughts with the state.
  2. Sign and circulate our petition to your networks!
  3. Ask your neighbors and people in your community to sign a postcard to the Vermont Climate Council asking for a People’s Climate Plan.
    • Send the postcards to be printed at your local printer. Coordinate with vanessa@350vt.org and we’ll come collect them to hand-deliver to the Climate Council.
      • Please mail signed postcards to: Vanessa Rule, PO Box 92, Strafford, VT 05072
  4. Submit a comment through the Vermont Climate Council Comment Portal
    1. Ask the VCC to accurately count Vermont’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
    2.  Vermont Climate Council Public Input Form and call on them to construct a just climate plan (look at our specific asks!).
  5. Organize a Rewild tree planting event to build community, repair riparian zones, and plant edible fruit trees in public spaces –  Contact Jaiel at jaiel@350vt.org 
  6. Write a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper
  7. Spread the word on social media about this campaign. See our tips, tricks, and example posts below!
  8. Join or start a 350VT group in your area.

Post on Social Media 

Posting on social media is a great way to mobilize your friends and family, and even get the attention of some legislators. If you’re trying to reach a legislator, make sure to tag their campaign Twitter account or one of the Twitter accounts listed below. Many Vermont legislators don’t have campaign Twitter accounts, but you can tag the accounts suggested below to reach them. You can also tweet to spread the word about a Just Transition in Vermont. Explain why you think these asks are so important and point people towards this campaign page, the petition, or the Vermont Climate Council Public Input Form. If you’re posting on Instagram, you can use these images. Don’t forget to use the Just Transition Vermont hashtags!


  • #JustTransitionVermont
  • #JustClimateActionPlan
  • #FossilFreeFuture
  • #vtpoli
  • #JTVT

Sample Social Media Blurbs

  • An energy transition is inevitable, but justice is not. We have to call on our Vermont legislators and the Vermont Climate Council to assess climate solutions using the Just Transition matrix and fund the #JustClimateActionPlan for the equitable future of Vermont. 
  • “Renewable” natural gas is NOT a solution and needs to be taken off of the table. It’s not equitable or scalable and therefore not a viable alternative. Reach out to the Vermont Climate Council and let them know we need a real #FossilFreeFuture. 
  • A #JustTransition from fossil fuels in Vermont includes providing access, resources, and incentives to farmers who want to practice regenerative agriculture AND prioritizing BIPOC farmers. Let’s call on the Vermont Climate Council to make this a reality. 
  • We need to make sure that as we transition away from fossil fuels we prioritize marginalized communities and those most vulnerable. Let the Vermont Climate Council know we need a #JustTransition to a #FossilFreeFuture. 
  • Justice and equity need to be prioritized in our transition away from an extractive economy. Join the #JustTransitionVermont campaign today and make sure your voice is heard: 350vt.org/just-transition-campaign

Twitter Accounts to tag

  • @VTHouseDems
  • @VTSenateDems
  • @Senatevt
  • @vermontgov
  • @Vtdems