Meet the 24 Vermont towns that have succeeded in getting resolutions against tar sands on their Town Meeting agendas, thanks to the amazing mobilization and effort of volunteer organizers across Vermont!

From the City of Burlington (pop. 42,417), to Walden (pop. 782), organizers have been putting in a tremendous amount of heart, time, and creativity into either getting 5% of registered voters to sign the petition or getting their Select Board or City Council behind the resolution. Big shout out to all those who collected signatures in the streets on the coldest days of the year, and mobilized their communities about the Portland Montreal Pipeline and tar sands transport through Vermont! Your hard work made this possible.

In towns where organizers were not able to gather enough signatures or where the Select Board — in their wisdom –rejected the petition, plans are in the works to introduce a streamlined Stop Tar Sands resolution at the March 5 meeting during New Business.

Keep an eye out for Tar Sands events in your community. Reach out and help your town organizers. Contact Forest (, or Andy ( for more information.  See you at Town Meeting, March 5th!

To see the Google map of all VT Town efforts for the Town Resolution, as well as local organizer contacts, follow this link.

Onward to Town Meeting!