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Dear ______, 


I hope this finds you well. I’m registered to vote in Vermont and am writing to emphasize the urgent need for action on climate-related bills this upcoming biennial session.


Some preliminary steps have been taken with bills like the Global Warming Solutions Act becoming quite popular. I have no doubt that it was difficult to pass in the midst of a pandemic, and do not want to overshadow those efforts. 


It is also true, however, that the GWSA creates goals we don’t have to meet for several years, and the bill should be considered the floor, not the ceiling! We know, for example, that Vermont cannot possibly meet its emissions goals while building new pipelines, but we have yet to put a ban on all new, large-scale fossil fuel infrastructure.


It has also become abundantly apparent this summer that the intersections between racial justice and climate justice demand a holistic response to climate – one that ensures Vermonters healthcare, housing, fair wages, and adequate community resources to equip themselves for the long fight ahead. 


So in short – what do you specifically aim to do to build off of the GWSA and to make Vermont a state that is appropriately addressing the climate crisis? I hope that you return this message and let me know if you plan on supporting the following as you move forwards in your election:


(insert issues here that you care about, or choose from this list)


Being a legislator is undoubtedly a great responsibility at this time in our collective history. I want to thank you for your work, and hope that you do all that is humanly possible to push climate forward.