50 teens attended, bouncing from workshop to workshop, pizza party to ice cream social, silk-screening to the healing arts space, there was something inspiring for everyone. Teens learned skills of observation, communication and transformation as in a Theatre of the Oppressed embodiment activity about racial justice.

To lift up the importance of creativity in the struggle for justice, we created an art space which was constantly full of young people creating their own stencils, banners for the march, and silk-screening tee-shirts. To center the importance of self-care in our movement work we created a healing arts space where participants could come and get massages, herbal teas, tarot readings, make fire cider and more.

We had two packed days of games, singing, discussions and workshops. The workshops were generative and diverse and encompassed everything from gender and sexuality to archery, from bike mechanics to free trade. One highlight was the climate justice workshop which joined forces with the with best of Solidarity School workshop led by the Vermont Workers Center and got youth excited to participate in the upcoming Break Free Action in Albany, NY.

As the weekend culminated, we rallied before marching off into the rain, and the Youth Summit teens called out to the crowd: “In the world we are creating there is…. racial justice, peace and unity, no discrimination, healthy soil and healthy water, equality…!” We intend that this weekend sparks the fire of resistance in all who participated and that we can more fully build an intergenerational movement for justice!

-team YAS