This October, 350VT will be hosting a workshop called “Training For Social Action Trainers” (TSAT) led by trainers from Training For Change.  Training for Change has over 20 years experience training groups working for social, environmental and economic justice through strategic nonviolence.  This two and a half day, intensive program offers the opportunity for experienced and aspiring community leaders, trainers, facilitators, teachers, activists, and organizers to learn and practice new skills in facilitation and training.  Interested? Curious? Apply today.  Our priority application deadline is September 1!

**Note: We are currently working to make this program Spanish/English bilingual (and translate these outreach materials) so that this workshop is more accessible to many allied and partner communities.  If you are interested in learning more about or supporting this language accessibility, or know someone who might be, please contact**


Why This Workshop? (From the Training For Change website)

blanket3 Training and facilitation skills are a key element to successful organizing and movement building. People who have these skills support the groups they work with by developing new leaders, transferring skills and knowledge between generations, creating more participation within their groups, introducing new and transformative concepts, educating and engaging constituents, supporting meetings and decision making, resolving conflict and providing training for successful, creative and disciplined actions. Yet, few people who play the role of educator, trainer or facilitator in their work are offered an opportunity to learn a framework for training that supports their experience or a chance to hone their skills among other trainers. Few organizations commit the time to helping their leaders learn the craft of training. With this in mind, The Training for Social Action Trainers (TSAT) is designed to give people the opportunity to develop a stronger sense of the training tools, approaches and choices that will work for them to be most powerful and useful in their trainer role.



The program will run from Oct 20-22 at the 350VT office at 255 South Champlain St. Burlington, VT.  The program begins with dinner and registration on Friday evening at 6pm and runs until 6pm on Sunday.  The workshop hours for each day are as follows:

Friday, start 6:00 pm, end between 9:00-10:00 pm dinner provided.  Saturday, (8:00 am breakfast) start 9:00 am, end between 9:00-10:00 pm lunch and dinner provided.   Sunday, (8:00 am breakfast) start 9:00 am, end by 6:00 pm lunch and afternoon snacks provided.

For anyone coming from out of town, 350VT will offer support securing solidarity housing and transportation as needed (please note your interest in this support in your application).

This workshop is experiential and intensive.  Though the hours are long, TFC has found that their experiential style helps keep people engaged, alert and energized through the weekend.  Due to the intensive design of this program, participants must commit to the entire program and partial attendance of the weekend is not permitted.


Who Should Apply

circleWe know that some people may be reading this workshop description and feeling not qualified or experienced enough to apply.  We’d like to urge you to suspend this doubt, if you’re able, and apply regardless.  Formally, this program is open to anyone who has already participated in 350VT’s Building Ground Leadership Workshop or anyone who has demonstrated prior experience in leadership, organizing, facilitation, or training.  That said, we invite and encourage people working within 350VT’s Node and Mother Up! groups, as well as other climate organizations and allied justice organizations across VT and the Northeast.  None of us are experts.  All of us are learning.  Our ideal workshop group will have people of varying levels – from seasoned facilitators to people who are just beginning their journey.  If you’re still wondering if you’re a good fit for this particular training and want to talk it through, please contact Jen Lazar at

We’re committed to accepting a diverse group for this program and to supporting folks with less access to resources to attend. People of color, working class folks, and folks from less-resourced organizations are encouraged to apply. We also aim to accept people with specific groups, projects, or organizations back home to apply what they learn.


Apply Now!

Click here to apply.  We receive applications on a rolling basis, but aim to confirm all participants at least two weeks before the training.  Spots are limited, so please consider applying by our priority deadline: September 1.


Workshop Fees

This workshop costs $200-$ 700 US, sliding scale based on income (see chart below for detail)*. The fee includes over 23 hours of training, meals during workshop hours, and simple lodging for people who request it.

Are you being sent to the training by your employer? If so, don’t use your income to determine the fee — use the annual budget of the organization. If you are being sent by an organization with an annual budget over $200,000, the fee is $700 US.

If you have any questions regarding costs, possible scholarships, or your own financial situation, please do not hesitate to reach out to

*This sliding scale structure is created and recommended by Training For Change.

If your income is… You Pay…
under $15,000 US $200
$15,001-$25,000 US $270
$25,001-$35,000 US $350
$35,001-$45,000 US $425
$45,001-$55,000 US $550
over $55,000 US $650