Take Action


Take Action

There are many ways to work for climate justice in Vermont!

You could join an ongoing group:

  • Local node–an organizing group focused on local climate action in your community
  • Families Rise Up–monthly gatherings for parents and families
  • a working group based around a specific skill or interest–like writing, digital media, training facilitation, researching policy, or planning an upcoming action (to learn more about working groups, contact Vanessa: vanessa@350vt.org)

Volunteers from 350VT and Migrant Justice come together for facilitation training




You could get involved in our campaigns in other ways:

  • Just Transition campaign–organizing to build the power of ordinary people to create the political will for policies that will ensure access for all to safe housing, healthcare, transportation, energy, food, and clean air and water


You could learn more about climate justice and grow your leadership skills:

  • take a workshop, like What Is the Connection Between Racial Justice & Climate Justice?
  • participate in a day-long or weekend-long leadership training
  • do a semester- or year-long internship with 350VT


You could collaborate with us in many other ways:

  • help with an event
  • write thank-you notes; help in our Burlington office
  • spread the word about climate justice news and upcoming events
  • let us know about the other climate justice work you’re already doing
  • share your unique gifts/interests in another way!

To learn more about getting involved in 350VT, fill out the form at the top of the page. We look forward to hearing from you!