Workshops & Trainings

Are you looking to deepen your own understanding of the climate crisis and strengthen your leadership? Have a particular skill set that you’re looking to develop? Or does your community or volunteer group need support on a particular aspect of your work?

350VT is happy to offer a number of different workshop and training opportunities to support our work for climate justice. Read below for more information on our upcoming workshops and trainings.

Building Ground Leadership Training

When: Friday April 27 – Sunday April 29
Where: Waitsfield, VT
Building Ground seeks to support new leaders in developing their understandings of the core aspects of climate justice and in exploring their own styles of change-making and leadership. SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE – APPLY TODAY!



Nonviolence Study Groups

Are you interested in learning more about the ways that nonviolence is practiced as a part of movement building and transformation work? This seven-week study group will give you the opportunity to read and reflect and prepare to incorporate nonviolence into your activism. Free and open to all. Readings, discussion questions, and guidance provided.STUDY GROUPS ARE STARTING IN MONTPELIER, BURLINGTON, RUTLAND, ST. JOHNSBURY, AND BENNINGTON.



Introduction to Racial & Climate Justice Workshop

When: Available in March on an ongoing basis
Where: Around the state!
With the support of allied individuals and groups, 350VT is re-vamping it’s workshop on how and why racial justice is integral to the movement for climate justice. This workshop will be participatory and offers an introduction to the roots of the climate crisis, supporting participants to think about their own current activism and definitions of justice.Express your interest in hosting or attending a workshop by contacting

High School Workshops

We are partnering with eight students at UVM through a service learning course that focuses on providing training and leadership development to college students. These college students are leading the high school workshops this semester. We are able to offer presentations in March and April. Read the descriptions of the presentations we offer below and email if you are interested in bringing climate action to your classroom!

What Kind of Changemaker Are You? – We incorporate our theory of changemaking, based on Spirit in Action’s “4Rs”, into interactive exercises that allow students to explore what kind of work they are drawn to, where their interests lie, and how they can make change in their school, town, and state!

Climate Workshop – A workshop designed to reinforce key scientific aspects of climate change and apply them to climate justice issues. Participants will contribute unique perspectives and learn about climate issues through collaborative activities and group discussion.

Each workshop intends to raise critical consciousness about climate change among young Vermonters. The presentations are interactive, hands-on, and solution-oriented. We hope that these presentations will inspire students

Past Workshops & Trainings

Take a peak at some of the workshops and trainings we’ve held in the past!

Deepening our Nonviolent Resistance – Linda Capato and Sam Corbin joined us for our 2017 Annual Convergence to lead a workshop to think together about how we approach nonviolent resistance as a community. This workshop will provided the 350VT community with a rare opportunity to dig into some of the associations, questions, fears, and hopes we each carry to the work of civil disobedience.



blanket2Training For Social Action Trainers – Last October we partnered with Migrant Justice to bring trainer from Training for Change to Burlington for a weekend intensive workshop for developing and strengthening facilitation and leadership skills.



Starhawk_gardenAn Evening with Starhawk: Collaboration, Co-Creation, and Empowerment in the Climate Movement –In September Starhawk led an interactive workshop offers the opportunity to engage in different ways of approaching strategy and collaboration. If you missed the workshop or wish to watch Starhawk’s presentation again, here it is!

Workshop Offerings

This is by no means a complete or an exhaustive list.  It is a starting point to give you a sense of the kinds of workshops 350VT has put together for different groups in the past.  These can be customized or modified for your particular group and we are open to new ideas based on your group’s needs. Some of these programs are run by current 350VT staff and others may be run by leaders and volunteers within our broader climate justice community.  Some of them may have special scheduling constraints, space and materials needs, and/or content related financial costs. Please contact for more information.

Climate Justice 101 (1.5hrs)

Curious what the phrase climate justice means? This workshop explores what the intersection of climate change and justice work is – specifically at this moment in the context of Vermont.  In this interactive workshop, we will explore the many ways we can center justice in our work to bring solutions to the climate crisis and have the opportunity to explore multiple perspectives and entry points to seeing the climate crisis with new eyes.

350VT’s Theory of Change in Action (1.5hrs)

Want a deeper understanding of what and how 350VT approaches working towards climate justice? This experiential workshop does a deep dive into 350VT’s mission statement and theory of change and gives everyone an opportunity to think about how they best plug into the incredible climate justice network across this state.

What Kind of Changemaker Are You? (2hrs)

Wondering how to use your skills, ideas, instincts, and energy to address the climate crisis? What can you do to make an impact? This workshop is a chance to explore these questions and support each other as we each find our own answers.  There is a complex social ecology of movement building; this workshop provides a framework to help us each think about how we fit into that larger movement ecology, where our individual strengths and passions can have the biggest impact and how, even when we disagree, we can continue to work together.

Active Hope During the Climate Crisis (2hrs)

A participatory workshop exploring the connections between hope, grief, and action in the era of the climate crisis.  This workshop includes an introduction to Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects and provides opportunities for climate organizers, activists, and everyday citizens to connect with each other through listening, storytelling, and exploring ritual.  The purpose of this workshop is to help groups and individuals establish the common ground of experience from which they will engage in climate justice work, and to provide tools and support for the complicated and emotions and experiences that bring many of us to this work.

Meeting Facilitation (2hrs)

Want to learn and practice basics about what makes an effective meeting? Starting from crafting an invitation and agenda process, all the way through to the point of debrief and feedback, we’re happy to offer a participatory workshop that gives everyone the opportunity to practice and receive support and coaching as we learn together.

Public Speaking (2.5hrs)

How do we tell our important stories in public? How do we recapture the power of public narrative? This workshop offers skills and knowledge to craft your story of climate action and practice sharing that story out loud to encourage other people to take action.

Skills for Creating & Running Effective Campaigns (2hrs)

Are you thinking about launching a new campaign and want the opportunity to workshop it with some support and guidance about what makes an effective campaign? Pro-tips and frameworks for thinking about long term success, base-building, and actionable goals are offered during this workshop.

Statehouse 101: How to Talk with Your Representatives (1hrs)

Learn more about the inner workings of our state-level political process and how to get your voice heard.  Interested in a lobbying day at the statehouse? Designing a petition or postcard campaign? Curious about what works and what doesn’t? This workshop can help answer basic questions and support you as you design your next policy-related strategy.

How to Host a Seriously Awesome Art Build (1.5hrs)

Learn the basics of putting together an event where people can gather and create beautiful and effective messaging for climate justice events.  Are you preparing for an action or a rally? Want to get your messages heard in your community in a new, different, and visual way? No prior artistic experience is necessary to organize one of these incredibly fun and engaging events.  Great for groups looking to bring in new membership, offer family friendly opportunities, and begin engaging with the reality of the climate crisis from a place of creativity and action.

Solidarity Singing Workshop (1.5hrs)

This workshop offers the opportunity to learn popular protest and social justice songs. 4 part harmonies and rounds included. No singing experience necessary, just a willingness to learn!

Design Workshop: Climate Solutions for People of the Future (2hrs)

Our planet is changing and our weather is becoming more extreme. What does this mean for the people of the future? What will our lives look like in 50 years? What will our kids’ lives look like when they’re middle-aged? How can we help these future-people cope? Join a fun, interactive workshop in which we will imagine and create inventions to support daily life in the year 2067.


Request a Workshop!

If you’re looking for a particular workshop or training to support your local 350VT group or other organizing group, please reach out and let us know. If you are requesting a workshop, we have a set of guidelines and expectations that we ask the hosting group to commit to.  To find out more about these details, please contact Katherine at