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Just Transition in Vermont

Please join 350VT for an Earth Day workshop about the idea of a Just Transition and collectively imagine what it would look like in Vermont and what it would take to get us there. Plus hear about the rest of our Spring Asynchronous Mobilization and how it is building the world we need, and sign up for a tree planting, workshop, action, or event in the coming weeks.

Transition is inevitable. Justice is not.

What is a Just Transition? It involves shifting from dirty energy to energy democracy, from funding highways to expanding public transit, from incinerators and landfills to zero waste, from industrial food systems to food sovereignty, from gentrification to community land rights, and from rampant development to ecosystem restoration. Workers and communities impacted first and worst must lead the transition to ensure it is just. We are indebted to the Climate Justice Alliance and Movement Generation for providing us with this framework.

Building Ground Leadership Training

Join 350Vermont for an online cohort focused on learning, deepening, and skill building for powerful climate justice work. The training series focuses on sharing fundamental climate justice frameworks, developing strategies that empower effective leadership, and building skills to get the job done!  


What Happens on November 4th? (statewide)

While keeping people focused on a strong, robust election process where everyone votes and everyone’s votes are counted is a must, many of us are also thinking about November 4th. What happens AFTER election day? We’re hoping for a landslide and a peaceful transition, but we are also preparing for a contested election or something much worse.

Join 350Vermont for an interactive workshop to discuss the main scenarios that national movement groups think are the most possible outcomes and to brainstorm with our communities about what we’d want to do right here in Vermont. Ideas may range from direct action to mutual aid to healing circles to protests in the street – we don’t know what we’ll come up with (or what will happen) but we do know we’ll need some way to be in community for it.

Organizing With Youth: How to Build a Multi-generational Movement

How do we build a movement that is inclusive towards all people, of all ages and life stages? How can we improve our relationships with youth organizers in our lives?

Being “young” is a complicated identity. We all move through in our lives, and yet the youth of today face drastically different choices – in the present and in the future –  than older generations; “youth” is at once universal and incredibly particular.

Created and facilitated by young activists, this training focuses on how to work with youth in the climate justice movement. Drawing from personal experience and movement theory, we will break down assumptions, address simplifications, and start a foundational discussion for transforming our organizing visions.
Click here to watch the video recording. 


Nonviolent Direct Action in the Time of COVID-19

What is the role of nonviolent direct action (NVDA) in the time of COVID-19? As activists and organizers, we’re used to building people power through gathering large crowds together or, in smaller groups, using the strength of our bodies connected to shut things down or open things up.

What do we do now that it’s no longer safe or comfortable for many to participate in such events?  How do we design powerful, inclusive, engaging actions that abide by the social distancing guidelines?  Join 350Vermont for a conversation and inspiring brainstorm about the role of NVDA in COVID-19 times.


In-person Trainings Canceled

350Vermont is not currently organizing any in-person gatherings due to COVID-19. We are committed to offering engaging and interactive online webinars and hope to reschedule in-person in the future.  Click here to see our calendar of online events.

Thank you to Seventh Generation and Sunsoil CBD Oil for their generous support of our training program!  

Request a Workshop!

If you’re looking for a particular workshop or training to support your local 350VT group or other organizing group, in addition to those above, please check out the list below. Some of these programs are run by current 350VT staff and others may be run by leaders and volunteers within our broader climate justice community.  Some of them may have special scheduling constraints, space and materials needs, and/or content related financial costs. We can adjust timing and content according to your requirements.

To express interest or learn more please contact

Climate Justice 101 –  This workshop explores what the intersection of climate change and justice work is – specifically at this moment in the context of Vermont.  

How are Racial Justice and Climate Justice Connected? – This workshop is designed to support individuals and groups to dig into the roots of the climate crisis and explore how and why working for climate justice necessitates the dismantling of racism and white supremacy culture.

350VT’s Theory of Change in Action – This experiential workshop does a deep dive into 350VT’s mission statement and theory of change.

What Kind of Changemaker Are You? –  This workshop is a chance to explore different ways to make change and support each other as we each find our own answers to how we want to engage in changemaking.  

Facilitating Great Meetings – Learn skills, tools, and techniques for facilitating inclusive, energetic meetings that gets things done.

Public Speaking and Story-Telling – This workshop offers skills and knowledge to craft your story of climate action and practice sharing that story out loud to encourage other people to take action.

Campaign Strategy – Pro-tips and frameworks for thinking about long term success, base-building, and actionable goals are offered during this workshop.

Nonviolent Direct Action – Through role plays and exercises, we will learn the importance of collective action and its connection to collective liberation, the basics of NVDA (nonviolent direct action) theory, creative tactics for shutting things down to open them up, and legal factors to consider, all with a focus on how to use NVDA strategically within a campaign.

Organizing With Youth: How to Build a Multi-generational Movement – Created and facilitated by young activists, this training focuses on how to work with youth in the climate justice movement in a way that is powerful and inclusive.

Statehouse 101: How to Talk with Your Representatives – This workshop can help answer basic questions and support you as you design your next policy-related strategy.

How to Host a Seriously Awesome Art Build – Great for groups looking to bring in new membership, offer family friendly opportunities, and begin engaging with the reality of the climate crisis from a place of creativity and action.

Solidarity Singing Workshop – This workshop offers the opportunity to learn popular protest and social justice songs. 4 part harmonies and rounds included. No singing experience necessary, just a willingness to learn!

Design Workshop: Climate Solutions for People of the Future Join a fun, interactive workshop in which we will imagine and create inventions to support daily life in the year 2067.

External Workshops & Trainings

Take a peek at some of the workshops and trainings we’ve held in the past with outside trainers… all the trainings above are workshops that 350Vt hosts!

Deepening our Nonviolent Resistance – Linda Capato and Sam Corbin joined us for our 2017 Annual Convergence to lead a workshop to think together about how we approach nonviolent resistance as a community. This workshop provided the 350VT community with a rare opportunity to dig into some of the associations, questions, fears, and hopes we each carry to the work of civil disobedience.



blanket2Training For Social Action Trainers – We partnered with Migrant Justice to bring Training For Change to Burlington for a weekend intensive workshop for developing and strengthening facilitation and leadership skills.



Starhawk_gardenAn Evening with Starhawk: Collaboration, Co-Creation, and Empowerment in the Climate Movement – Starhawk led an interactive workshop offers the opportunity to engage in different ways of approaching strategy and collaboration. If you missed the workshop or wish to watch Starhawk’s presentation again, here it is!